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Proofs You Can Use: Volume 1


Let’s face it – there’s so much good stuff to read out there, who can get through it all.  Here are just a few of my favorite blog posts, articles, videos, etc. that are valuable in demonstrating the critical importance of engagement and appropriate use of social media.

Proofs You Can Use:  Volume 1

Engagement is not a campaign; learn to be a P2P business by Olivier Blanchard at TheBrandBuilderBlog

  • Great post on the importance of authentically engaging with audiences and making it about P2P – People to People.  “[engagement] is a commitment to a being the kind of business that people will want to be a part of and whose products and community people will want to share with friends and family. The kind of business that people  will naturally want to support proactively for years and years.”

Facebook:  All Your Stuff is Ours, Even if You Quit by Stan Schroeder at Mashable!

  • A good summary of Facebook’s change in it’s Terms of Service and the language that means they now own all of your content.  Definitely take a look – especially if you’re encouraging clients to share information using their platform.  Chris Brogan also makes some good points about this on his blog – Wake Up to How You Share on The Web.  If you’d like to see a response to all of this, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, posted a blog addressing the concerns.  Personally, I always operate under the assumption that anything you put online is now permanently part of the public domain and you no longer “own” that, but there are good points raised here about why you might want to think twice before you post that next video.

This Post will Make Your Website Better by Olivier Blanchard at TheBrandBuilderBlog

  • I generally try not to use the same blogger twice, but this post is FANTASTIC for talking with clients about the need for good web design and the strategies behind it.  The list of facts should be a staple for anyone recommending any type of web presence, but his overall argument for the need to really devote time and resources to developing your site is great.  Blanchard says  “More and more, your customers’s first impression of you is made via the web. This isn’t 1997 anymore. Your website isn’t an aside. It isn’t something you can throw at your cousin’s neighbor’s kid because he needs a part-time job and “boy, you should see his MySpace!” Your website is your global storefront. Your global lobby. Your global showroom. You can’t afford to allow it to be boring, ineffective or outdated.” AMEN!!!!!!!!  And, if you don’t know someone to help you – call me at The Buddy Group!  (sorry, couldn’t resist)

30 Business People Tell the One Thing They’ll Do in the Next 30 Days to Grow Business by Christopher at Above the Buzz

  • Looking for somewhere to start sorting your business’ mess given the tough times we’re all going through?  Here’s a great list that Christopher pulled from his Twitter friends on what their plans are.  Maybe it will inspire you or make you think of a cost-cutting or business improvement project that could help you improve your business.   I’m definitely adding some of these ideas to my list!

Twitter Professors:  18 People to Follow for a Real Time Education by Lon Cohen at Mashable!

  • Wondering who are the people getting the most out of Twitter or who you should follow to learn and read amazing things that will stimulate your mind and great conversations?  READ THIS!  Great list which includes lots of my favorites and gives a summary of what you can get from each of them.  You’ll quickly see why thousands follow them.

Five Digital Trends to Watch for in 2009 by Steve Rubel at MicroPersuasion

  • If you’re not reading this blog you’re missing out on perhaps one of the brightest minds in the PR business.  This post is a perfect example of why that is.  A well-researched and written look at how public relations is no longer just about the media but truly about the public.  It goes into great detail as to what the trends to watch this year are – and you need to be paying attention because I believe he’s nailed it

Myths About Online Retail Marketing by Kelly Mooney at AdAge

  • Need to convince clients why digital programs are essential, here’s some great examples to counteract their preconceived notions.  Kelly says, “the web is no longer for extending campaigns when (and if) there’s leftover budget. Consumers start with the web or end with the web — and increasingly do both.”

What a Cocky CEO Can Teach You About World-Class Blogging by Demain Farnworth at Copyblogger

  • Ah, Jack Welsh, now that’s a guy that always gets my attention and Demain writes a great piece about this amazing CEO of GE’s tenure and his RESULTS.  Love him or hate him, this guy was the ultimate in “get ‘er done” mentality.  Today, this couldn’t be more relevant – stop doing what doesn’t work and focus intently on what does and GET RESULTS.  Read this.  It will make you think.

HOW TO:  Take Control of Your Google Search Results by Dan Schwabel at Mashable!

  • If you’ve been wondering at all how you can up your name rank in google or just in general how that happens, this is a really good look into that.

These are just a few of the amazing articles I read last week.  Please feel free to add to the list with your own recommendations