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Theory: Social Media is the Ultimate Authentic Connector

Surprisingly, I wasn’t an early adopter of social media.  It took A LOT of buzz about MySpace before I finally created an account just to see what it was about.  Of course, it only took me about a week to become hopelessly hooked.  Photos went up, friends were added, early attempts at blogging started and my heart even got a little broken.

Today that’s all old news.  It didn’t take me long to start seeing the potential.  I could share my client news with my “friends” and I started thinking that there was way more opportunity to tap into.  I began exploring other social networks.  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter quickly became my favorites – all for different reasons.


The most appealing thing to me, beyond the ability to renew long lost connections, was the authenticity of the interaction.  People share of themselves freely and more genuinely on these networks than I’ve experienced in real life.  Perhaps it has something to do with doing it on your own terms and at times when it’s convenient.  Perhaps it is the safety net of being able to unplug and virtually walk away at any time.

What I want to believe is that people out there are ready for more personal connections because they understand the power of relationships today.  With more companies, more options, fierce competition and generally just far more distractions we need a place to keep track of our lives and focus attentions.  Or, possibly just appease our digitally created A.D.D.

Does this prove the theory?  Is social media the ultimate authentic connector?  Personally, I think that it might just be.  Actually, because of the availablity of information online about you, I might even get a better picture of who you are through your social media than when I meet you in person for the first time.

What do you think?  Tell me your opinion on social media as the ultimate authentic connector.