About the Theorist


Hey there!  Welcome to Social Media Theorist.  I’m Rebecca Rose and I hope that you’ll take the time to introduce yourself to me, give me feedback and share your ideas because that’s the goal here.

For me it all started with a theory – somewhere all of the marketing activities we do for clients or the companies we work for are all interconnected.  Then I started proving out my theories by seeing where you could make connections.  What makes sense to do together?  How can you do less and get more?  How do you engage customers in the same way you engage the media – telling the story they want to hear and delivering ever-increasing value?

The writing of the proof went on in my head…where can we integrate social media?  How do we play in that space?  How the heck am I going to understand all of this technology?

Then I thought why not engage with other smart people and see what their thoughts are?   If you learn nothing else about me, leave with this – I’m perhaps the world’s biggest fan of collaboration.  If you’ve ever sat in a room with someone brilliant and just let your mind go, you can understand why.  The rush of possibility and power of collaboration is exhilarating.

After some time, I started a blog for my former agency.  I loved that people read it and seemed to like it.  There might not have been a lot of readers, but making a difference or inspiring a comment from just one person was always good enough for me.  Now, as I’ve moved on I thought I’d brave the blog world on my own.

My goal – explore and test the theories around Social Media and share that with you.  Hopefully, you will do the same!


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