UnPlug and Reconnect

Sometimes people write things that just make you stop.  I was catching up on Danny Brown’s Blog and saw a reference to David Mullen’s blog.  Danny’s introduced me to some amazing minds through his writing and I knew it would be another.  Clicking the link took me to David’s blog post – Marketing Doesn’t Matter That Much in the Big Scheme.

Go on – hop over and read it.  It will be worth the five minutes.

In case you didn’t take my advice, what you missed is a very moving reminder of why we all need to take time and unplug once in awhile:

As I sat through the service watching a slide show of images from this wonderful child’s life and seeing her father, mother and sister broken by their loss, I couldn’t help but think about how often I neglect those who mean the most to me in a race to get one more thing accomplished at work.

How many times can our presentations, press releases, emails, strategy POVs, and everything in between wait until tomorrow morning? In my experience, most of the time there is no difference between the majority of whimsically-proposed end-of-the-day deadlines and first-thing-in the morning – except a date on a time stamp.

While my online friends are great and I greatly benefit both personally and professionally from those relationships, I admit that I tend to neglect those I love sometimes because of it.  My poor fiance has lamented about our nights spent watching TV together with my laptop which has become almost like a security blanket.

Thank you David for sharing something so personal.  Tonight, because of you I’ll close my laptop and snuggle with my sweetie.  Sometimes the best move you can make is to actually unplug and reconnect with your offline world.


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  1. Danny Brown on

    Hi Rebecca,

    Glad you found David through my post – I just wish it could have been under better circumstances.

    One thing it has done is make me, like you and David, grateful and more appreciative of those around us.

    While I’ll still work late into the night at times, I’ll make the time in the evening for my wife and our time. Life, as David sadly points out, is too short – grab the special moments while we can.

    • digitallyengage on

      Danny! Yay! I’m so glad you’ve found my new blog as I always appreciate your thoughts and feedback. It was an excellent post and I’m so glad you pointed me to it. I was just having a little email chat with David and I’m looking forward to reading more and more of his work (and yours of course!). Thanks again!

  2. David Mullen on

    Thanks for the kind words about the post. I’m glad it struck a chord with you and I hope you did put the laptop away for the evening. It’s hard to do that, but well worth it.

    Thanks, too, for extending the conversation to your place.

    • digitallyengage on

      David, it’s really wonderful to meet you and I’m so glad that I found your blog through Danny. Thank you for sharing a very personal and touching story with all of us. (oh, and I did put the laptop away last night!)

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